Nomad has been running a guest “Nomadic Chefs Program” since October 2014. So far we have had the immense pleasure to host some extremely talented chefs, all equally phenomenal as people.

The aim is to evolve Modern Moroccan cuisine through the cross-pollination of culinary cultures, to introduce Marrakech to some very talented individuals, while also giving in-coming chefs the opportunity to work with Morocco’s extraordinary produce, herbs and spices.

With a strong focus on local, seasonal ingredients, the chefs interact with traditional cooks, farmers and producers and work, as far as is possible, exclusively with produce and ingredients found within the local markets or nearby farms. The goal is not to reproduce traditional dishes such as tagine or couscous, but to help evolve an already strong culinary culture through the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

For the time been this program has been suspended due kitchen refurbishment.
We hope to restart sometime in late 2018 or early 2019.
  • Ryan Gordon

    22.10.14 (1 night / nuit)

  • Harry Cummins, Laura Vidal & Julia Mitton, The Paris Pop Up

    16.05.15 - 21.05.15

  • Oliver TJ & Phoebe Oviedo, Stovetrotter

    08.11.15 - 11.11.15

  • Haley Polinsky, Erica Bernhardt & Gastão Rodrigues

    21.01.16 - 23.01.16

  • Cortney Burns, Bar Tartine, SF

    25.02.16 - 28.02.16

  • Noureddine Benali & Carlo Simons, Food & Friends

    24.05.16 - 26.05.16

  • Kristine Kittrell & Lucas Dimitri, Weather Up, Austin

    14.09.16 - 16.09.16

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