Medina Chronicles part 1 – The Spices Square

NOMAD Restaurant in Marrakech

 Each week, we will tell you the story of a specific area in Marrakesh. We will go back in time of what this place used to be. For our first story, let us make you discover the famous Spices Square, a dynamic place near NOMAD’s restaurant. The name says it all but was it always a Spices Market?! Let’s find out!

Also known as Rahba-Kedima Square, the Spices Square is a dynamic space in Marrakesh. Selling fresh spices of all kinds, particularly the ones we use in Moroccan cuisine, like paprika, saffron, coriander & cinnamon. 

However, before this square became the joyful place that we know today, it used to be a place where they sell slaves. This lasted until 1912, during the period of the desert’s caravans. Given the fact that Marrakesh is located on the trade route to the Sahara, therefore its location became a stopover for caravanners.

Today, we enjoy our walk in the Marrakesh’s Medina and probably get lost in the little and narrow streets. The Spice Square, located at the center of the souks of the Medina, is the perfect place to apply our negotiating skills with the merchants to get good deals on spices. We can discuss with the herborists about grandmother’s remedies who can heal anything. We can look up and admire the beautiful and colorful rugs hanging on the wall like pieces of art. We also get the chance to admire the spectacular view of NOMAD’s terrasse, while enjoying a delicious meal.