The little story of NOMAD

Marrakech best restaurant

While you probably enjoyed for the first time the experience of the Nomad (but clearly not the last) let us tell you the restaurant’s story. Founded by Kamal Laftimi and Sebastien de Gzell, the Nomad was an ambitious project. They chose to establish their restaurant in an old carpet store located in the spices square. To create the chic yet boho atmosphere out of this 4 floors restaurant, they trust Romain Meniere to make his magic happen. The two entrepreneurs had many ideas and the determination to turn NOMAD into the best restaurant in Marrakesh Medina.


Because Morocco is so diverse in landscapes, traditions and in its cuisine, you probably wonder why to choose Marrakesh. Well, Kamal, one of the owners is native from Marrakesh so it was natural for him to open his restaurant in his hometown. But what is interesting is the story of the city which was an ancient place of trade where caravans were passing and carrying interesting products. It certainly brought to the Moroccan cuisine new flavors that made it today rich gastronomy. Therefore the name NOMAD is a perfect name to illustrate this heritage. 

The restaurant NOMAD was created to make you travel your senses in a unique way. You will be exploring Moroccan gastronomy where the traditional dishes are revisited. The secret is all in the fresh ingredients like the flavors of fresh spices, the local and seasonal vegetables. It’s no surprise that the restaurant is located in the heart of the spice square. 

Today, NOMAD has a few sisters and brothers since le Café des Épices, le Kilim and le Jardin are all part of the same family.