NOMAD MARRAKECH : A Rooftop Marrakech Restaurant in the Medina

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Emerging from the spices and in the middle of traditionality, in the famous spices square, where you can find all variety of spices and other typically Moroccan merchandise, NOMAD opened its doors.
In few years only, it managed to make a name for itself with its unique cuisine, particular and modern design and peerless view.

An old carpet shop of the 90s turned to a modern Beldi-chic restaurant

Romain Meniere, our designer with his minimalistic and modern perspective adapting to the traditional Marrakchi background didn’t only create a cozy and elegant Marrakech restaurant where you feel like home.
NOMAD is now internationally known for its black and white Zellige combined with the purposely chosen beige of the cushions to bring up warmth and to soften the beating sun.
The interiors are also beautifully designed with colored tables, a minimalistic wall decoration and vintage Moroccan blankets covering the chairs.
NOMAD is chic and vintage, traditionally designed and a contemporary space to enjoy your time.

A meal to remember in one of the best places to eat in Marrakech

For a dinner or a lunch, NOMAD is the best Marrakech restaurant to enjoy traditional dishes turned into a modern and exquisite combinations.
Our meals are particularly prepared with products freshly picked up from the market, and dishes particularly revisited to keep the classics of Marrakech and bring international and new flavors combined with our special spices.
Our exquisite menu gathers a variation of Smokey lamb chops, juicy calamary specially brought from Agadir or for our nature lovers , tender vegetables sautéed , marinated for mains or infused to accompany your couscous.
And for the ones with a special sweet tooth, you will be delighted; our desserts are specially made by our chefs to satisfy your desires . End your meal with a cooling hibiscus infused yoghurt panna Cota, or a creamy sweet saffron scented date cake.
Fresh, fruity and zesty, our sorbets are definitely an original signature of the restaurant, specially made by our Italian friends in Panna , using entirely fresh fruits are the answer to a long sunny day in the souks .
NOMAD’s meal is not only food on a plate , but an incomparable culinary experience.

A view of the Atlas mountains crowned with the sunset in Marrakech’s best restaurants of the Medina

If there is something the NOMAD is known for, it is without any doubt the magnificent rooftops.
By day, you can enjoy the colorful souk with spices,arts and crafts , the women preparing the henna or the handmade hats covering grounds away from the fuzz from our terraces while savoring your meal .
At sunset, it’s showtime. The mountains that were covered with snow appear with glimpses of the sunlight showing slowly until it fully covers the panoramic view . A burning red with a soft pink and grey and white mountains until the sun fully sets . Have your meal and let the view take your breath away.
Lanterns and candles are now on to welcome a peerless evening with stars upon you.
A sensational view, and a romantic dinner ; that is what you should be expecting while booking for a NOMAD dinner.
NOMAD is a unique experience that you cannot miss when you visit Marrakech.

Nomad restaurant is known for being the Pioneer of  Marrakech’s restaurant, with its beautiful views over the Atlas Mountains and its black and white zellige you are in for a once in a lifetime experience. 

A very minimalistic decoration, vintage blankets and our beige cushions are what makes Nomad restaurant one of the best and most stylish spots in the Medina.

With a unique Menu that revisited all the Moroccan basics, our clients can enjoy our famous Spiced chicken leg along with a side of our Herb infused “green” couscous and for our vegetarian clients our famous Vegetarian Pastilla, vegan dishes are also  prepared by our team of Chefs to make sure all of our visitors are satisfied. You can end your meal in one of our beautiful outdoor areas by having Marrakech’s best and only Saffron scented Moroccan Date cake with a side of ice cream and salted caramel. So, if you are looking for Marrakech’s best food Nomad is the address to go to.

Marrakech is known to be one of the warmest cities in Morocco, we offer you one of the best sorbets using fresh fruits and only natural ingredients, made especially for our restaurant by our friends in Panna.

Therefore, if you are looking for places to eat in Marrakech, no need to keep looking, Nomad is here to satisfy all your demands and make sure your visit stays memorable.

With its incomparable view of the Atlas Mountains and the souks of the medina, you can witness the magnificent sunset from our roof top. Nomad has been voted one of Marrakech’s best restaurants thanks to the beautiful view that makes our roof top highly recommended by all the blogs and globe trotters.

Candles and lanterns light up the space to welcome the night lovers to enjoy their evening meal, a very romantic set up with nothing but the voice of merchants closing up their shops.

Nomad restaurants is also very popular for its team of professionals, working day and night for the well-being and satisfaction of its clients. Bookings and privatization of spaces are taken care of by a sales team that make sure to answer to all of your questions, needs and demands.

Located in the old Medina, Nomad restaurant is surrounded by local shops that sell Moroccan rugs, herbs and oils but most importantly it is located near the famous “Place des Epices” where you can get beautiful and customized straw bags and hats.

When you visit Marrakech, be sure to visit the best restaurant in the medina that will definitely be one of the best culinary and cultural experience of your life.

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